The Bookshop at the Diocesan Centre has a wealth of books on the topic of prayer and liturgy. Below is just a small example of what is available.

The Great Big Prayer Book for Schools £29.99

This unique prayer book for Key Stage 1–2 contains 2000 prayers which cover the plethora of emotions, learning and special events involved in school life. The prayers are grouped under a wide variety of themes, including starting at a new school, teachers, friends, bullying, aspirations, responsibility and subjects studied. It also encourages children to think about the world around them, including prayers for the environment and the importance of charity.


Words for the Journey for Kids £15.50

A collection of 50 original, ready to use prayer services that cover liturgical as well as secular themes. They are organised by month and can be used in the classroom or the whole school.

  Words for the Journey for Teens  £15.50 

Perfect for the classroom! Each inviting, easy-to-use service has simple ideas for set-up and is divided into sections for individual readers. All the themes are firmly rooted in the Word of God. The book is organized by month from September to June and can be used in a classroom or whole school setting.  


Preparing Masses with Children  £10.95

An ideal step by step guide for those preparing for Masses with children in schools or parishes. This 15 step system features a comprehensive background to the liturgical cycle and a methodology for involving children in the preparation.





School Liturgies Made Easy  £12.99


Drawing from extensive experience preparing for school liturgies as teachers, the authors provide all the tools necessary for preparing for a Mass or a Prayer Service. This excellent resources describes the various parts of the Mass and gives practical, easy-to-use ideas for setting up for liturgy, selecting music and involving students, all for the purpose of creating meaningful liturgies.





 70 Prayer Starters for Children  £9.99




70 engaging and creative prayer experiences for children ages 5-10 that invite children to make prayer a part of their daily lives. These prayer experiences can be used by any catechist, beginners as well as veterans, but also by parents because they offer inspiration and guidance for teaching about prayer at home.




All Together – Creative Prayer with Children £10.35

Contains principles of creative prayer using a practical approach and contains extensive, tried-and-tested original ideas. It is for teachers in school, and is easily adapted for parish situations, different age groups and different ability groups.


 The Holy Ground Around You  £11.99

This is a book of 30 short acts of worship for families, groups of friends, church groups, youth groups, pilgrimages, retreats and conferences. You can combine them with parish events such as summer fairs, carol singing, fireworks, picnics or family hikes. And once you get the idea, you can create your own services for your own favourite wild worship venue.



Don’t forget, we are open every day during office hours and can also be contacted via phone (01332 293833) and by e mail (




We have a good selection of Bibles in stock for all age groups.


The Catholic Children’s Bible


Hardback edition £22.95 Paperback £17.95


Introducing the Catholic Children’s Bible, the first-ever complete Catholic children’s Bible, that not only inspires but empowers children to read, live, and love the full Word of God. Children will know and understand God’s saving plan revealed through 125 featured story spreads highlighting key Bible passages. Vibrant illustrations and borders immediately engage children and allow them to dive in to Scripture and become immersed in the stories. Understand It!, Live It!, and Tell It! sections help bring God’s Word to life for the youngest of readers.


The Lion First Bible £9.99 Here are more than sixty Bible stories, specially chosen for young children: a foundation on which to build a growing knowledge of the Bible. With bright illustrations and simple, clearly laid out text, this retelling is ideal for beginner readers.                          



The Lion Children’s Bible £9.99   All the significant stories of the Old and New Testaments from Genesis to the book of Acts are retold in clear, simple language which children understand. The stories may be read as individual stories, yet they form a continuous narrative which closely follows the ‘one story’ of God and God’s people contained in the whole Bible. The Lion Children’s Bible is also available in a gift edition and in paperback. Translated into 38 languages, this is the top children's Bible for both home and school.




Catholic Good News Bible £17.99

With Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical books. As the first truly easy-to-read Bible translation and still the UK’s most popular, the Good News Bible is ideal for personal and church use.  





 The Lion Read and Know Bible £9.99 

 Everything about this Bible is designed to make it appealing and accessible. Over 50 stories, retold in simple language, are accompanied by 30 fun and informative encyclopedic double-page features throughout the book, which bring to life the cultural context of the Bible and highlight the point and purpose of these ancient stories. Spreads cover subjects including people and places, landscapes and creatures and traditions and worship to help young learners discover life behind the stories. A variety of both spot illustrations and larger pieces on every page makes a lively and engaging layout with plenty to encourage the young reader to turn the pages.


The CTS New Catholic Bible (Compact Edition) £9.95.

A Bible tailor-made for every Catholic, leading you through the texts that the Church uses each Sunday.







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Mrs Anne Recchia, Resources Co-ordinator is based at The Diocesan Centre at Mackworth and is available each Tuesday and Thursday morning.

Anne is able to offer a comprehensive list of resources and books for:

  • primary education,
  • secondary education,
  • adult formation,
  • catechesis,
  • sacramental preparation,
  • prayer and so on.

Anne is contactable on Tuesday and Thursday mornings: Tel: 01332 293833  or email:

If you have a forthcoming parish or school event please contact Anne for books, posters, CDs and so on which can be loaned for special occasions on a sale or return basis.  For example:

  • Confirmation,
  • Eucharistic preparation and celebration,
  • adult formation,
  • catechesis,
  • God's Story resources,
  • special offers.